Mistakes to Avoid with Your Digital Menu Boards

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you are a franchisee who always wants to get the latest and greatest for your store, you may be researching what’s next. POS systems? Store remodels? What’s hot in the quick-serve restaurant business right now?

Your research may have lead you to Digital Menu Boards. These boards are nice, bright, and even have brief visual clips or moving images. Why on earth shouldn’t you get one? Well you should, but before you make the investment, be sure to review these helpful tips on mistakes to avoid when upgrading or replacing your digital menu boards.

  • Going a little too crazy with animations.
    Having your boards display animations is cool, but don’t get too excited with them. You don’t want your customers to have a hard time following everything that you are trying to display. Strategize and match your menu designs with the animations. Be sure to enhance your customer experience and promote items on your menus that are most popular.
  • The digital boards look like your stationary ones.
    If you are going to get a digital version of your menu boards, why make it look just like the one you had previously? One of the greatest things you can do with your digital board is to create custom designs to make products pop. They are different than your static boards; you don’t drive a sports car to go the same speed as a minivan, right? Mix it up. Your customers will like it, and your sales will improve!
  • Putting your digital boards up anywhere.
    One of the many differences between digital and static boards is that digital boards should be strategically placed. The boards need to be placed in an area with little glare and where most of your customer traffic will be in the location. Before installing them, practice placing them with different angles before mounting them into the wall. Look at it from the customers’ perspective. Will it work for them? Will it make them want to purchase your best-selling (or top priced) items?
  • Cut costs, but not quality.
    Let it be known: Upgraded menu boards are a great investment for your business. Studies have shown most companies can make up the cost of the signs within a year from all the cross selling and additional advertising. One mistake to avoid is cutting costs on the wrong part of your menu board project. Don’t settle and get hardware or software that are lower in quality. Instead, cut costs by bundling the services that are getting done, up the time of your contract or working with an exclusive vendor to get a corporate discount.

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