Menus, Hotels And China In A July 13 Franchise Roundup

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Menu Labeling May Be More Than Expected

Restaurants everywhere are looking at what it will cost them to re-do their menus to include nutritional information. They’re finding the Food & Drug Administration might have been a little off when they estimated the dollars involved.

The upshot is that the original $1,100 per restaurant estimate—which was not unreasonable, if a bit pricey for many’s tastes—is probably too low. It may be too low by quite a bit, which would make for some very angry restaurant owners. Indeed, some are already urging the FDA to abandon the new menu labeling standards for something less stringent, something the agency is showing no signs of doing.

This one could get ugly, folks. For the record, I am a fan of knowing how many thousands of calories those delicious nachos have in them.

Hotels Ginning Up On Green

We’ve said before that going green can save you money and make you a good corporate citizen. What’s not to like?

Hotels are getting in on the action, too. The range of programs available is incredible—close to 700—so hotels are having to sift through them to get at the best. But increasingly, they’re finding that a green initiative that encompasses the entire hotel can save water, electricity, and money, just as it does for smaller businesses and homeowners.

The greatest obstacle at the moment might be applying a standard certification across hotels in different geographic sectors, which have different demands. Your New England hotels tend to use more heat and less air conditioning, for example. But it’s encouraging to see the industry moving in this direction, either way.

Yum! Finds China Delicious

Yum! Brands is a case study in kicking butt in China, one of the world’s biggest markets. There’s not a lot to add to this, but it’s an interesting look at how a franchise giant can take its distinctly American product lines and spin them into a vastly different culture.

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