Medical Equipment Should Be Leased

Medical Equipment
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The doctor is in need of medical equipment leasing.

Direct Capital has long believed that the best way to obtain medical equipment, which often borders on cost-prohibitive, is to lease it. While the world likes to think of doctors as fabulously wealthy, you and I know that small practices are operating with the same thin profit margin every mom and pop store grapples with. That makes leasing a more attractive option.

In essence, there are four reasons why leases beat buying outright and even loans.

  • You don’t have to pay for the whole thing outright. Buying equipment has its own advantages, but it’s going to leave you out a significant amount of cash right out of the game. Unless the equipment pays itself back quickly—i.e. better diagnostics or faster patient processing—that’s a punch to your bottom line.
  • Loans require significant collateral, and if something goes wrong along the way with your loan, that collateral is at risk. Leases require little-to-no collateral, which means you can feel a little more secure if you hit bumps in the road.
  • Payback options can be tailored to fit your office’s needs, which is a huge plus. Perhaps the biggest advantage with a lease is that you can, when working with the right lender, pay back more during your busiest months (flu season?) and less during the slower times.
  • Leases are available right now in a way that bank loans simply are not. Banks have been incredibly slow to resume lending, while independent finance firms who do leases are growing. If you need equipment, there’s never been a better time to lease it. Honestly.

We hope you’ll keep these advantages in mind as you think about how to get your equipment in Q4, 2013 and beyond.

We’re almost to 2013. Will you be leasing equipment for your medical practice in the year ahead?

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