World Environment Day 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Happy World Environment Day (6/5/2014). Has your business gone green yet? Going green can either be a small task or a large one; it all depends on how much you want to invest.

Being an environmentally friendly company is popular today. Most customers prefer to do business with a company that has gone green.


Ways to go green:

–          Invest in energy efficient lighting

–          Turn computers off at night

–          Purchase recycled material; i.e. paper and tissues

–          Use green cleaning products

–          Print less and print double sided papers

–          Give your customers the option to receive receipts via email

–          Invest in reusable dishes and silverware instead of plastic and paper

–          Upgrade outdated appliances and machines to more Energy Star appliances

–          Encourage employees to carpool or use public transportation by providing a reward program

–          RECYCLE! Set up recycle bins all around your company and make sure employees and customers participate in recycling

You can receive an energy audit of your business to see where you are losing heat or cool air. An audit can help you cut your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.

Not only does going green entice more customers to do business with you but it also saves your business money. The transition might cause you to spend money at first but you will quickly earn that money back with savings.

Have you started going green? What are some ways your company has gone green?


Direct Capital has picked up some green habits over time that we are proud to share. We do not use paper/plastic cups or plates. New employees are given a coffee mug that they can reuse to avoid throwaway coffee cup use. We use tissues made from recycled material. We have paperless Payroll. Recycle bins are placed at every desk to encourage employees to recycle. Our application process is paperless and done digitally including electronic signatures.

Go green with your business and your business’s financing by applying with Direct Capital today to become environmentally friendly!