Why You Should Be Blogging

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Position Yourself as an Expert with a Business Blog

A blog is a great tool that you should start utilizing if you haven’t already. Hosting a blog is free and there are a few websites that make it very user friendly.

These are three sites you can use for your blog. Our advice, research them and see which one you like and understand the best:
– Blogger
– WordPress
– Weebly

Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

The point of a blog is not for direct sales, but rather for a chance to remain in front of your customers. You own your business because you know it well. No matter what your business is, you are an expert in that field. Your customers are going to research products and services and it will be beneficial if you can provide them with the information they need. A blog is a place where customers won’t feel pressured to purchase things from your company.

When you are writing blog articles make sure you are being informative and not being a sales person. You can obtain new customers because of your blog as long as you don’t write the blog with the main goal of selling to these customers. If you provide good information with the proper approach then you will draw in a new customer base. Let your focus be educating readers, the rest will happen on its own.

If you don’t have a website then a blog is the perfect way to get your business’s name online. Include a section that discusses what your business offers and provide them with contact information. If you do have a website make sure you include a link to it within your blog so your customers can easily connect.

A blog gives you the platform to generate new content that you can share with potential and current customers. Whether you send out emails or newsletters or use your business’s social media pages to get the word out.

If you still aren’t convinced that you need a blog, check out your competitors. If your competition has a blog then you better too! If they don’t have a blog then you should make one before they do.

Create a blog today and see how it improves your bottom line. Already have a blog? Share some of your tips in the comments below. If you have the ability to blog 2 – 3 times a week you should do that. But anything is better than nothing.

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