What’s blue, bold and good for business?

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Social Media is Here to Stay. Why You Should Jump on Board!

Social Media! Okay, so not all social media is blue, but a majority of it is; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We can’t forget to mention the other colored social networks; Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

Wondering if it is really necessary for your business to go social? It is! Social Media isn’t just a passing fad, it is becoming more and more relevant with marketing AND customer service.

As a small business you probably don’t have the resources to hire a social media specialist. But don’t give up hope; we have a few tips that can help your business go social without breaking the bank.

The reason social media helps boost businesses is because of communication and transparency. Your business is not just something seen on a giant billboard, it is no so much more. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you can now reach your customers and they can reach you in a friendly setting.

If you have the time to post something on at least one platform everyday than we recommend you do so. But if your time is limited try to post 3 times a week at minimum so customers know that you are actively checking that channel. A customer doesn’t want to post on your Facebook if they know you won’t look at the comment for weeks.

Tweeting is a bit simpler and less time consuming. Even if you are super busy you can check your Twitter account as easily as you check your text messages. Make sure you respond to anyone that takes time out of their day to interact with you.

Social Media is a great platform for customer service, product announcement, and branding. It doesn’t cost you anything besides time. You can eventually invest in advertising on these platforms which is inexpensive and provides a great ROI for your business (but we can get into this later on).

Tips for Facebook

  • Pictures work great! They catch your eye as you scroll through the news feed.
  • If you have a blog be sure to post about articles on there, Facebook loves content that is beneficial to customers.
  • Facebook does not like when you bait for comments or likes, so do not include the text “Like this post, or Comment below” or any variation of that.

Tips for Twitter

  • Use hashtags! Your tweets will be seen by a larger audience if you do so.
  • Pictures are becoming more relevant on Twitter, if you want to grab their eye this is a great approach.
  • Use bit.ly to shorten website links, with only 140 characters to send your message you can use the extra space.

Tips for Google+

  • This is a must for local businesses especially! You will easily be found in search when you have a Google+ page.
  • Share product information here as well.
  • Pictures are also a must. If you are tech savvy you can even use GIFs.
  • Find communities that relate to your business and join them to help learn more and share.

As a small business, this is the best way to stay relevant and get your name in front of your customers. Show them what makes you amazing!

If you are looking to invest in the proper technology or employees for social media we can help! Apply online for a business loan and grow your business.

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