Marketing Tips For The Emerging Small Business

Small Business Marketing Tips
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This is a guest post from Alfred Sansa.

Marketing Tips for the Emerging Small Business
All small business owners want to grow their businesses into something bigger and better.  A lot of these small businesses have a lot of promise, but it seems that the deciding factor of who gets bigger and better depends on who markets themselves better. Marketing is tricky, especially for the smaller emerging businesses.  Smart marketing involves having the best use of the resources required to build brand equity.  Small emerging businesses may seem to be at a disadvantage with money and resources, but they actually have an advantage as they can be more experimental and flexible.  Below are some great marketing tips that will help the emerging small businesses.

Elevate Brands – All good companies have services and products that are good for the consumer.  That is one thing that is always necessary and constant in the business world.  However, how a company differentiates itself from others competing with them is in their brand equity.  Small companies have to ask themselves what they do that is unique versus their competition.  They need to stop, listen and know who their customers are.  They need to build the brands they have before the consumer even comes in to purchase it.  They need to involve the customer in their social media world.

SEO Culture – Small businesses need to make it easier for people to find their website and make their searches for their products easy to find.  They need to have a good keyword that is rich in its content for the customer and they must have great links from other websites that have a lot of traffic.  Over half of the people that perform searches online share their recommendations with others.  Take advantage of  SEO.

eCommerce Platform – It’s important for small emerging businesses to make the best of their platforms so they can engage more in what the customer is saying to them and understand what the customer really needs or wants.  They need to make the best of their promotional efforts as well as their merchandising.  They need to optimize the ways in which they bring traffic to their website for more things than just sales.  Always interact with the customer when you can. If you don’t know all about your customers, you’re not doing good business.

Social Media – Two fantastic ways for a small emerging business to get involved in the social media is through be active on sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as blogging.  These are the easiest ways to reach the customer and find your audience.  Let your personality shine and try to stay away from the business talk online, leaving that for an offline conversation.  You will get some negative comments but you can be good about answering questions and blogging updates.  Get the word out that you are there and you want to promote yourself and get to know your customers.

The heart and soul of marketing your business is in understanding that the customer wants and needs and putting a plan into action to meet those needs.  The most effective way for an emerging small business to expand is by focusing on how to grow it the right way.

Alfred Sansa writes about marketing, finance, and employment background screenings.