Why Location Marketing is a Must for Small Businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Any business that can’t be found on Google doesn’t exist.

At least, it seems that way.  No one picks up the giant Yellow Pages book anymore, so if you can’t be found in just a few seconds in a Google search, then your potential customers will find themselves at your competitor’s front door.  For small businesses, the need for a solid location based marketing strategy is a must for survival.

So where do you begin?

Get your business on Google Plus.  When your potential customer is performing a search, Google will always take a look at their IP address and return the most relevant results based on their location FIRST.  The first position on Google Plus can result in an uptick in traffic that can be as high as 30-40%.  If you’re a small business that’s catering to a local community then that boost can mean big things for your bottom line.  Other sites like Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and Manta are worth mentioning too.  It you want an example of what those pages can look like, check out Direct Capital’s Google Plus page.

Ensure your listing is optimized. Check your spelling in your listing… and check it again.  Details play a huge roll when it comes to local marketing so you want to be certain that all of your business particulars are correct before you press the submit button.   If your business name is “Joan’s Café” but you list it on Google Plus as “Joan’s Catering,” you’ll have more  than a little trouble reaching the top of the listings.

Cultivate positive business reviews online.  Word of mouth recommendations go a long way when it comes to increasing foot traffic at your small business – word of mouth recommendations online are just as important.  If you have a pleasant interaction with a customer, encourage him or her to visit your company on Yelp and leave a few kind words.  Or, reach out to a number of past clients all at once with a quick link on Facebook or at the bottom of an email.   You’d be surprised how just a few raving reviews on the web can translate into new faces in your store.

How do you manage your local marketing?