National Coffee Day Contest Winner

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Direct Capital Loves Coffee and Helping Small Businesses!

On Monday, September 29, coffee lovers everywhere celebrated National Coffee Day. Before you do a double take, yes – coffee does have a day. And why shouldn’t it?

According to a recent survey conducted by Cumberland Farms 56% of people would risk being late for work and getting yelled at by their boss in order to get their morning coffee. 51% of respondents would prefer to have Jury Duty for a week than go without coffee.

With those statistics, it’s pretty clear how important coffee is to the general public on a day to day basis. Here at Direct Capital, it’s a big thing for us too. Look around our office and you’ll see coffee mugs for miles, so you can imagine we took National Coffee Day pretty seriously.



To celebrate, we wanted to give back. Yesterday, we hosted a contest on social media: Send us pictures of you drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for a chance to win a bag of the DD coffee of your choosing! We have randomly selected our winner from the entries we received: Congratulations Lisa Vigna! Thank you to those of you who submitted photos – and we hope you enjoyed your National Coffee Day!


This won’t be the last of Direct Capital’s social media contests. Halloween’s coming up and we have some tricks up our sleeve so you can enter for a chance to win a Direct Capital mug filled with delicious Halloween candy (and who doesn’t love that?).

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And, we don’t just love coffee, but we also love to help small businesses get the financing they need. Check out our website for more information!