How To Use Facebook Ads To Generate Revenue

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Low Budget Way to Help Increase Your Customer Base

Facebook is a great tool for businesses of any size. It is especially good for small businesses because it is free to have a business page. By having a Facebook page for your business you are able to keep your name in front of your customers at all times.

You don’t have to worry about having a giant billboard with your business’s logo on it on the side of the highway. One challenge small business owners face is getting their name out there. You probably don’t have the budget for a TV commercial or a radio spot, so what other options do you have?

A Facebook page is great and you can reach existing and new customers. However, Facebook has started to encourage businesses to advertise with them. Organic reach has dropped over the years, forcing business owners to pay for people to see their posts.

While this can be frustrating at first, our advice is to embrace it. This could be a good thing! We know, you are thinking how can it be good if I have to start spending money for something that was once free? We say embrace it because it doesn’t look like Facebook will be reverting back to the old system any time soon. This is your opportunity to get your business in front of a larger audience for a small cost.

Advertising on Facebook is not as expensive as you think. If you target the audience you want, the audience that will convert into customers than it will pay for itself.

You can set a budget of $5/day to well as high as you want. A click to your website will usually cost under $1.00 (this varies on a case by case situation; it is also effected by what you are marketing). If you are the ONLY chili dog stand in a 25 mile radius and you are targeting people who like chili dogs, the chances of you having a competitor in that area on Facebook is slim, your bids will likely be lower than other markets.

By spending a few bucks a day you can attract new customers and remind your current customers to come back.

Facebook provides a step by step process to help you set up your Facebook ads, it is easy and fast.

To see success stories of companies like yours that advertised on Facebook click here.

Facebook reported that the ROI in 2013 was 58% higher than the previous year while cost per click has dropped 40% in the past year.

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