How To Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Customers are your business. No matter what type of business you own, the customer is the most important aspect of it. Every business has a customer, the types of customers may be different but they exist nonetheless.

What does a customer want?

This is a question you can answer yourself. Stop looking at your business from the owner’s perspective but instead as a customer. When you go into a store or visit a website what do you like and dislike? Start taking notice to other pros and cons of other businesses and then compare them to your business.

For online businesses pay attention to websites and how you view them such as:

  • Load Time
  • Pop Ups
  • Colors
  • Navigation Bar
  • Search Bar

Do you like these things? Dislike them? Now go to your website as if you were a customer. Maybe you are too biased for this task, have your friends or family check it out.

For businesses with a store front you can pay attention to:

–          Layout of the store (too cluttered or perfect)

–          How you are greeted

–          When you leave do they ask for any additional information

–          What are the employees wearing

–          Technology in the store

Does your store have any similar issues or benefits that you saw in other businesses?

You need to do recon, whether it is with a direct competitor or finding a successful business in the area and one that is less successful. Find out what people in that town/city find attractive and turn your business into that.

Provide an option for your current customers to give feedback. Whether it is through email, ask what they like about your business or what should be changed. By catering to your customers and what they want you are likely to keep their business. You should care about what they think; after all they will make or break your business.

When you receive an online review you need to pay close attention to them. Did they dislike something? Was it bad service or outdated technology? Use this information to help grow your business, don’t dismiss their opinion.

If you send an email blast to customers and find many people unsubscribe take a look at what you sent them. Was it the message, the platform, the day? Take note of it and implement changes in the future.

When you give your customers what they want, they will give you more business. This all plays a big role in small business success.

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