Direct Capital Got Scrappy to Hit Month-End Goals

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When the end of the month rolls around at Direct Capital, nothing can hold us back from hitting our goals.

And when I say nothing… I really mean nothing.

On Monday, February 29 something unexpected happened: We lost access to almost all of our phone lines. A squirrel in a transformer caused a fire and melted thousands of wires, leaving us with only 23 useful phone lines in the entire company.

So let me ask this: In a Sales-driven organization that relies on outbound phone calls to keep our business pumping, how is it that even without working phone lines we were able to exceed our February targets? By being scrappy.

Our sales and funding teams got on their personal cell phones to call customers and complete verbal confirmations. We were able to move the dial even without the core function of our business being operational.

Be Scrappy is one of the core values that drive Direct Capital to do big things, and in February we sure let it ring true.