3 Ways to Share Your Customers’ Stories

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here at Direct Capital, we try our best to make sure our customers know just how much we appreciate their business. After all, it’s the customer base that can make or break a business.  We know that word of mouth advertising – from small business owners like you – is the best kind of advertising there is.  Hearing about someone else’s positive experience may be just the thing to turn a would-be customer into a happy lifelong client.

So how do you show your customers you care about their experience while encouraging that word-of-mouth referral?  As always, we’ve got some tips:

Tell their story. When you’ve finished the transaction with a satisfied customer, ask them if they’d be interested in sharing your story.  From time to time here at Point Blank we feature our very own customers in our Direct Capital Review Success Stories.  Not only does it allow us to share some of our successes, but we’ve found that our customers really enjoy seeing their story “in print” and love the publicity.

Ask for the referral. Even if you have the happiest customers in the world, some people won’t take the extra step to leave you a positive review unless you ask for it.  Remind your customers that you’re on Yelp, Manta, or Google+ as often as you can. Consider posting a sign on your door or adding a few lines to your receipts as a reminder.  You’d be surprised how far something so simple will go.

Explore different mediums. Don’t limit yourself to just sharing your customer stories on your blog. Encourage your customers to send before and after pictures or videos of projects you worked on, your products happily in their office, or them enjoying a meal at your restaurant.  Share, share, share them anywhere you can! Post them on Youtube, your Facebook page, in emails, or on brochures.

It may take a little time and effort to spread the word about your happy customers’ experiences, but when you consider that a happy, involved customer is one that spends money and can become a brand advocate for your company, it’s well worth your while.  How do you share your customers’ stories?