10 Features Your Business Website Should Have

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Grab Your Customers’ Attention With a Complete Business Website

Direct Capital does their best to help small businesses in every way. We know owning a business can be overwhelming, so we are here to offer some tips to make things a little easier. This article will provide insights on your Business’s Website. We’ve generated a list of the Top 10 Features Every Good Business Website Should Have:

1. Clear Description of Who you Are

Your homepage is the first thing people will see when browsing your website. To attract their attention, you should clearly show your name and what you do. You want to encourage them to stay on your site, so give them a good reason to.

2. Easily-Navigated Site Map

Don’t make things complicated. This goes for your web address as well. Keep it simple. Provide clear links to the most important pages. Using dropdowns in the navigation menu is also recommended. You don’t want visitors getting frustrated because they can’t easily browse your site.

3. Contact Information

This is your most crucial business detail. It needs to be easy to find and clearly presented. It can even be on every page as a footer or side bar. You also want to include several ways for them to contact you, be it phone, email, or mailing address. Whatever your options, it’s always good to respond in a timely manner.

4. Obvious Call to Action

Show your online visitors exactly what you want them to do with clear tones of command. For instance, you may want them to call now for a free quote, sign up for your exclusive online coupons, or join our mailing list for special offers. You also want to call attention to these suggestions with special buttons or highlighted text.

5. Social Media Integration

There are many social platforms out there; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube just to name a few. You should select some to integrate, and then promote your presence on them through your website. Social media can be a critical part of marketing your business if you maintain your platforms. Maintaining and updating your content is key. You’ll keep users engaged, boost your SEO, and improve your business through social following.

6. Secure Hosting Platform

If you think having your own online information hacked is a nightmare, imagine how bad it would be for your business. You could lose your credibility with current customers, and discourage future users to becoming customers. You should put some effort into securing your site, keeping that system updated, and showing your certification on your website.

7. Customer Testimonials

Honest words from others help build your trust with potential customers. Seeing stories from real people help make your products or services more tangible to online visitors.

8. FAQ

People will always have questions. As you hear concerns and receive feedback, it’s a good idea to compile the most frequently asked questions into a list with clear, concise answers.

9. Know the Basics of SEO

Your website won’t be much help if people can’t stumble upon it. You want to familiarize yourself with SEO basics to make it more accessible by search engines. This means using the correct keywords throughout your text, putting in plenty of links, naming your page titles and URLs correctly, and knowing the power of images and videos.

10. Fresh, Quality Content

Your website may be the first impression you make on a customer. You want to provide what they’re looking for, and then give them a reason to keep coming back. Updated content is also good for SEO. Giving your company some personality with draw more users to your site and business.


Added Bonus! Here are some features you DON’T need on your website: Music, Flash, Anything that Autoplays, and Extraneous Information and Media. You want to portray yourself as a respectable business that cares about their customers, you don’t need to be flashy in order to do that.

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