Making Good Use Of Competition And Location: A Vendor Story

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Nick Muratore is no stranger to competition.

The Vice President of Sales at Global Tracking Communications in Temecula, California, Muratore said the field of GPS is growing by leaps and bounds. The fact that Global Tracking Communications has not only survived but thrived since its inception in 1999 is a testament to the way it battles to get its products to customers.

The company is one of the largest of its kind in the United States, boasting 38 employees and providing GPS tracking services for truck fleets and other assets around the country. Once considered a potential invasion of privacy for its ability to allow managers to keep tabs on employees, GPS has become a “big industry,” as Muratore notes. The changing perception of the technology has helped fuel the business.

“In the beginning, it was more overcoming the Big Brother aspect of our business. Nobody knew who we were,” he says, but then, “people started seeing the value and seeing the need.”

Once established, the competition began in earnest. GPS technologies is a crowded space, Muratore said,where not just one or two but as many as seven or eight competitors might be jockeying for a customer’s deal. The fact that many do not make it in the field does not seem to slow the tide of new businesses.

“There’s a lot of companies coming into this space, a flooding of one-man operations, then they go out of business. They’re a little bit of a thorn in the side, and then they go away,” he said. “That’s the biggest challenge anybody in this system has. We have to show why we are better than the next guy.”

Global Tracking Communications sells inside, outside and to special accounts, notes Muratore.

“We do pretty much everything,” he says.

As part of that, the company always offers financing through partners such as Direct Capital. He notes that increasingly customers just want to pay a low monthly fee, something leasing allows them to do. He says that by offering the financing and being upfront with customers about what they can expect at the end of the lease, he’s able to offer options.

“I like Direct Capital because they get back quickly. They have an answer. They work with me,” he said.

For those who want to learn more about Global Tracking Communications, call 866-320-5810 or visit Muratore said potential customers can ask for him.

“I’ll get them taken care of,” he said.

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