Learning Social Media Through The Magic Of Webinars

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So you’ve read our posts about effective use of social media. You navigated the Inbound Marketing University course with our sister site BizEngine. Despite all that, you still feel like there’s a lot more to learn about social media. You’re absolutely correct.

As we strive to be a resource for small businesses here at the Direct Capital Blog, I thought it might be good to provide a handful of webinars that will teach you even more about the nooks and crannies of the world of social media. I’ve found that webinars are a great way to spend an hour, offering opportunities to learn, ask questions and take notes on strategies and ideas that may prove to be beneficial to your marketing and social media efforts down the line.

Here’s our list:

  • All Access Getting The Most Out of E-mail. This webinar concentrates on how to squeeze value from e-mail and e-mail marketing in an age where Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn increasingly dominate the landscape. A shorter webinar for those with less time to spare.
  • Twitter Secrets of the Ten Most Followed Brands. If you’re struggling to understand how to pick up Twitter followers and get people clicking through to your site, this is a brilliant choice.
  • HubSpot-Tips For Doing Your First Webinar. May not be for everyone, but if you’re putting together a webinar for customers or fellow businesses based on what you can offer, this is an excellent place to start.
  • Canadian Social Media For Farmers. Title caught your attention, didn’t it? If you’re in the realm of agriculture or want to compare social media efforts across the border, this webinar should offer up an interesting way to find out.

Was this list helpful to you, and would you like us to post these kinds of lists more often?  We would love to hear from you.

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