Learning How to Seek Change and Accept It

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At Direct Capital, like at every other business, we have monthly sales and revenue goals that we try to meet. But something that we think gives us an edge is our ability to embrace each of our core values.

Every month is dedicated to a different value and we all work hard to achieve the expected outcome. In October’s case, it’s to ‘Seek Change.’

Seeking change can mean a lot of things to many different people. It could mean seeking change in a community; seeking a change in your lifestyle or career; or even just learning how to embrace change no matter when it might come to you.

Today, we think that lesson is one that can be taught to everyone: How to seek change, accept it, and embrace it.

  1. Set realistic expectations: Change is the one thing that will never change. You are always going to be faced with situations that switch gears abruptly and you have to be okay with it, or at least know how to cope. The first step to that is setting realistic expectations so you reduce the potential for a bad outcome. If you don’t demand a particular result, but just know you have an overarching end goal, you’ll be better equipped to manage change as it comes.
  2. Allow it to happen: Have you ever had to reevaluate the products or services you were providing because your first attempt was not exactly what your audience wanted? It probably felt a little bit like failure, and you may have been in denial that this change was even happening in the first place. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to redirect and it’s in that moment you have to just allow change to happen. And, most often, you’ll notice that switching gears and embracing that change is actually for the better.
  3. Understand why: What was it about your products that customers didn’t like? Why did you have to change it? Understanding what exactly is transforming and why will help you learn from the experience. That way, next time something like that happens, you’ll be ready.
  4. Realize what you’ve learned: At first, you were probably overwhelmed by the upheaval of your business. But, in the end, that change made your business stronger, right? It showed you a new path – one with products your customers need and love; one that was helping you make money. Sometimes you have to be willing to change and then reflect back on why it was necessary to do so. Realizing what you learned will not only prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future, but it will help you continue to feel confident about your decisions.

Taking a step back and doing these four simple things will help you grow stronger, seek change, and embrace it wholeheartedly the next time it comes. After all, everything happens for a reason.

Join us this October as we Seek Change and discover more about Direct Capital by visiting our website.

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