Labeled A Success: The Story Of G2 Labels

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Dave Frederick is a big fan of labels, and for good reason.

Frederick is the owner of G2 Labels, which offers up complete identification and product tracking services for customers. He kicked off his business in 2009, in the tumultuous days of the recession, with only three employees. Today, he has fourteen full-time employees spread into departments from sales to marketing to art.

Growth during a recession is worth celebrating, and Frederick has seen it happen. Here’s his story.

When The Label Fits

If Frederick could have any label he wanted for his company, the finished product would read excellent. Comprehensive would fit the bill, too.

Increasingly, companies want their service providers to do a little bit of everything. It’s not enough to simply print labels now. You must be able to help your customers track products, design and prototype the labels and place them.

“Our product line has become inclusive of all facets of manufacturing, marketing and logistics,” Frederick said, and that’s by both desire and necessity. “Due to the effects of this new economy, inventory management has become a crucial portion of production.”

The product tracking is a big piece of that. Frederick said that companies can ill-afford shrinking inventory or lost goods, with expenses being what they are and the economy slumping like a punch-drunk prizefighter.

Yet to build up to this point, a company either needs to be insanely good or insanely lucky if they don’t have help. With its determination and the quality of its products, G2 went looking for a partner.

A Trusted Label

To get to the point G2 is at now, it needed aid. That’s where Frederick turned to Direct Capital, hoping to lease equipment that allows for the printing of extremely large barcodes and printing jobs intended for use on promotional banners, safety signs and in warehouses.

“Our interactions with Direct Capital have made it possible to purchase equipment that gives us this range,” he said.

Now, Frederick and G2 Labels are concentrating on growing its customer base further. With a complete suite of services and a weathered recession to point to, that hasn’t been difficult.

“Our success is due to keeping our customers satisfied,” he said. “We plan to grow with our customers’ needs and wants.”

With business humming along, Frederick would label his company a success. For those who want to do the same, he has simple advice.

“The advice I would offer is, stay profitable, and don’t spend money you don’t need to,” Frederick says. “Be smart when choosing your financial partners. Find companies that will help you grow and succeed.”

To learn more about G2 Labels, visit their website.

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