Key U.S. Economic Indicator Improved Again In February

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Over at BizEngine, I looked at news that the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association reported that $4.1 billion in leases, loans and other lines of credit came from U.S. businesses in February. According to Reuters, that’s lower than January but up a cool 28 percent over the same month in 2010.

Reuters calls it a key measure of how the U.S. economy is doing, and so you can’t help but feel optimistic about it. Delinquency beyond 30 days is up, as I noted at BizEngine, but not to such a significant degree that it derails the good feelings train for this news.

The trick now will be sustaining that growth over 2010 as we move into the busy summer months. Given that the first two months have seen significant growth, I think that’s entirely within the realm of possibility.  Join me in hoping that those offering operating capital and equipment financing continue to set the world on fire, so to speak.

Share your thoughts on the news, if you would.

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