The Argument For Leasing An iPad

Small Business Leasing for iPad 3
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There is one!

At many small businesses, vendors and franchises, the iPad is becoming a fixture. It allows you to easily manage your business dealings, run credit cards and surf the Net as needed. That’s just scratching the surface, too. iPads are incredibly useful for businesses.

They also quickly become obsolete. The current technology cycle for mobile devices gives you about two years of legitimacy before the whole paradigm crashes and burns. That’s a very good reason to consider leasing your iPads, not buying them.

Forbes has an interesting take on leasing versus buying, one you should definitely read. We have our own advice on that score which I will share with you now.

To Lease Or Not To Lease

  • As we mentioned, the lifespan of these devices is relatively short. So why not lease for two years?The upside is that you’re free of the devices when they become functionally obsolete and can upgrade to the newest technology, which in this case would be the iPad 3 that will probably be landing in the relatively near future. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve.
  • You won’t need to spend nearly as much upfront, as Forbes notes. If you don’t outright buy the devices, you also may pay less over their lifespans.
  • Mobile devices get banged up. If it’s with one you’ve bought, that’s a problem, because you either have to scrap it or sell it for ten cents on the dollar. Not so with a lease.
  • It just sounds trendier, doesn’t it? “I lease my iPad 3s.”

Read Wikinvest for more compelling reasons, but I think we’ve outlined the basics here. Definitely consider leasing your mobile devices in the next wave, maybe with the help of a little equipment financing. In two years, you may just be glad you did.


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