Why Financing iPads Makes Sense

iPad Leasing for Businesses
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At the beginning of the month, we spent some time talking about the argument for leasing iPads. Be sure to give it a read.

We explained the argument for leasing an iPad, but what we didn’t really talk about was what leasing an iPad can do for you and why it makes sense for your business. I’d like to remedy that right now.

Let’s say you’ve decided to get iPads at your business. You’re going to run your business from them, in essence, allowing your workforce to be more nimble and mobile. And you’ve decided to lease them, because you think it’s better than buying for your small business. All those things considered, you probably want financing.

Here’s why.

2 Great Reasons To Get Financing For iPads

  • The #1 reason is that it will allow you to lease iPads in bulk without leaving a fist-sized dent in your bank account. Monthly payments allow you to more easily manage cash flow, get a larger number of iPads into your employees’ hands and gives you the option to buy them at the end of the lease term or simply lease the newest version. It’s a smart way to get past the challenge of sinking thousands of dollars up-front into a device you could really use.
  • A lease gives you the out, to expand upon that. If you buy iPads and they become obsolete over the course of a couple of years—and they will, mark my words—then you can simply walk away from them at the end of the lease and move on. I mention this because technology, as a rule, is one of the few things that you don’t really want to own for a long time unless you end to squeeze an enormous amount of use of it. The price you’ll be able to sell it at is going to be low.

Armed with these advantages, I hope you’ll consider leasing your new iPads, and looking to a financing company like Direct Capital to get it done. It’s very much worth your while.

Your thoughts on leasing technology?

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