Interviews And Regulations In A August 25 Small Business Roundup

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Avoiding Interview Pitfalls

As a small businessperson, you’re probably going to have to do an interview or two in the next year. The process is fraught with landmines with both the interviewer and the person being interviewed, so it’s important to know where to step.

To that end, Entrepreneur has put together a list of pitfalls you really, really want to avoid. Here’s a brief look at them:

  1. Getting too personal. “So how old are your kids? Uh huh. Are you a Lutheran? You look like a Lutheran. And Chinese ancestry? That’s unusual. ….Where are you going?”
  2. The classic “tell me about yourself.” Talk about inviting candidates to wax poetic about their accomplishments. Having been involved in both sides of the equation, I can tell you that everyone tempted to sound like a modern day Hercules if you ask them that. Stay away from the open-ended, happy-happy questions and you’ll get more out of the interview.
  3. Baiting the trap. This is where you do a song and dance for, say, your restaurant. “Oh, sure,” you say, “we have beer-drinking competitions every Friday. You’ll only ever have to work 30 hours a week, and a flight of angels will take you home at night if you’re too sleepy to drive yourself.”The problem is, you know this is a lie. You’re glossing over the fact that within two weeks, that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed employee is going to be working 50 hours a week, polishing glasses and cooking…and they were hired to be a hostess. Not only is this a bad hiring practice, but you’re going to create some very embittered employees doing it.
  4. Don’t be too open with rejected candidates. You’ve likely gotten the call from someone you rejected, asking why they didn’t get the position they interviewed for. You may want to be helpful, but it’s often a mistake to openly say “you just weren’t good enough” or “you blew your nose on my tie during the interview.”Instead, as Entrepreneur suggests, just say “we found a better fit” and move on.

Great tips here. Make sure you give them a read.

Small Business Regulations Fading

The U.S. government, especially the White House, has been the target of withering criticism from businesses recently. The gist of the criticism? That they really don’t care about businesses, especially small ones.

In an effort to answer that, the White House has announced plans to do away with literally hundreds of regulations, which they estimate will save businesses some $10 billion over five years. Not every small business will benefit, but some will be able to file taxes electronically or save on a couple of headaches.

Check out the article linked above for more.

Score A Touchdown With Working Capital*

If you missed our recent guest post here at PointBlank, check it out! It discusses the uses for equipment financing at small restaurants and bars. Toss in some football metaphors and you’ve got a piece well worth reading.


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