How To Impress Investors And Lenders Visiting Your Business

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Few things are as nerve-wracking as welcoming aboard a financing firm that will be offering you a potentially life-changing loan, or investors who might be able to take your company to the next level. These people could provide you with a lifeline, but in many cases, they’re going to want to visit your company.

The urge to run around and clean up employees’ desks will be overwhelming. You will want spotless bathrooms and potted plants in every corner, as well as a presentation that somehow manages to be flawless and breathtaking. You will want all of those things, but you probably will not get all of them. Murphy’s Law and all that.

Instead, you should strive to impress the would-be investors and/or lenders with a demonstration of your business in action. This means highlighting your stability, what your business does truly well and how your employees work. This requires time and effort, yes, but it also doesn’t require you to chase down every cobweb in the building.

Let’s tackle these three items one at a time.

  1. Stability. What I mean by this, of course, is projecting the aura of a strong business. That means moderately clean, but it also means ensuring that employees don’t look sullen, that any cash problems you’re legitimately having aren’t visible in how your office looks or how you act. The most important, of course, is not projecting any desperation.
  2. What your business does well. Put together a  video talking about your recent success. Have a customer on hand to explain what you were able to do for them. If you’re a PowerPoint afficionado (I am not, but many are), put together a brief but information-rich presentation. Have at least half the visit dedicated to showing what your business does, not just talking about it.
  3. How your employees work. Talk to your employees ahead of time, let them know the importance of the visit and tell them you’ll be bringing the visitors by to see them at work. They’ll probably be inclined to clean up their workstations a bit, and they’ll be able to provide some nuance to their job description you probably cannot. Just make sure you’re highlighting your best and brightest.

If you follow this simple advice, you should have a relatively low-stress visit and be able to show off what makes your business worth investing in or lending to. Let us know if you found our Direct Capital guide helpful!

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