How Your Small Business Can Profit From Cyber Monday

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Online Sales Steadily Growing: Don’t Miss Out

Cyber Monday is one of those “holidays” that’s always been around (Well, for as long as there’s been the technology to go “cyber”). Those with computers, and a knack for online shopping, have been utilizing the simplicity of buying online ever since retailers took to the internet to sell and market their products.

Cyber Monday, now the well-known online shopping day after Thanksgiving, officially originated in 2005 when released a press release titled, “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year.” also released a survey that year saying that 77% of online retailers reported sales increasing substantially on the Monday after Thanksgiving. In 2013, online sales grew by 20.6% on that famous Monday, so this year’s is not one you want to miss out on.

Even small businesses that don’t normally see a great deal of revenue come in from the web can benefit from Cyber Monday, and here’s how:

Four Ways to Profit from Cyber Monday

  1. Have a clean, up-to-date website: If you were thinking of doing a quick site redesign, now would be a good time to kickstart it. Having a website that is user-friendly and visibly appealing will entice customers to stay on your site and shop around. Plus, you want to make sure your sale announcements are front and center with no spelling or grammar mistakes. If customers can’t focus or find what they want right away, they are going to leave your site without making a purchase.
  2. Utilize social media: It’s crucial to get your brand advocates –your customers – on par with what you are promoting on Cyber Monday, and social media is the best way to do this. Offer rewards for your biggest influencers – those who routinely follow your brand and often engage with you. Tap into your network to get your message out there.
  3. Free shipping: We know – the word ‘free’ hurts as a business owner, but hear us out. How often have you wanted to buy something online that you considered a steal only to realize it costs almost as much to ship it to your house? What happens then? You decide against the purchase. Don’t let that happen to your customers. Talk with someone from UPS, the Postal Service, FedEx, or other companies to go over what your options are for shipping. Many times they will offer you a deal so you can provide free shipping to your customers.
  4. Advertise your deals (and free shipping!) in other ways: Don’t be afraid to send emails or direct mailers to consumers you want to target. Let them know what you have going on, how to access those deals, and how much you appreciate their business. Smacking free shipping on the front of a mailed postcard or in the subject line is a surefire way to create brand awareness. found that when you use “Free Delivery” in the subject line, you will receive a 35.9% higher than average open rate.

After Cyber Monday is over, don’t stop the promotions just yet. Remember: There are still plenty of shopping days left until the holidays are over. Utilize all of your resources, get your business’s name out there, and, most importantly, have fun doing it!

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