How To: Run Your Business on Vacation

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Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner. You’ve had plans for months. Whether it’s a stay-cation, barbecues at your beach house, or a trip to a tropical island, you’re excited to spend some time away from the office.

However, something just keeps eating away at you… the thought of leaving your business “unattended.” But the truth is your business is not unattended. It’s in the very capable hands of the employees you’ve chosen to build your business with. And because Direct Capital understands the importance of a good work-life balance, we want you to relax this vacation. Here are 5 ways you can keep your business running during your time away without worrying about a thing.

  1. Put someone in charge: As we said, your business will run just as efficiently without you there because your employees care about its success. You’ve trained them and brought them along with you on your business journey – they won’t let you down. During your vacation, choose someone to step in as “the boss” or just as a point of contact. Smallbiztrends writes, “Make sure the person you put in charge is confident in ‘being you’ while you’re out.” Discuss with them the tasks that need completing or any clients they need to speak with while you’re away and feel confident that it will be done – and done well.
  2. Do some in-office housekeeping: Have any bills due the week/days you’ll be out of the office? Do you have any standing weekly meetings you need to cancel? Make sure all of these things are taken care of prior to signing off the day before the vacation. Thinking you forgot to do something will make you crazy all week long and we don’t want that. Make a quick list of everything you think you need to handle while you’re still on the clock, tackle them, and leave the rest to your team.
  3. Share your marketing plans: Chances are, you have an employee or two who helps you with your marketing efforts, but if you are the sole social media guru of the bunch, share your plans with others. Sure, you aren’t going away for an entire month (or maybe you are!), but even just social media updates and other minor marketing efforts make a difference. You don’t want them to halt in your absence, so let the team know what needs to be done. Provide them with any log ins and the information they’ll need to make the marketing successful.
  4. ‘Don’t Call in Case of Emergency’: Make it clear that you need some time away. Turn your email off for the week and ask your employees not to call unless they really need you. If you’re constantly problem solving or answering questions, you aren’t truly on vacation away from work. Do it cold turkey – make it all or nothing.
  5. RE-L-A-X! This is the part business owners struggle with the most, as they all think the worst will happen when they are away because they are the ones who know their business best. And while that may be true, it doesn’t mean your business will fall apart. Smallbiztrends writes, “If you’ve let clients know you’ll be out and done your part to clear your plate, you can relax and enjoy your time off.”

No matter what you are doing this Fourth of July holiday, enjoy your time with friends and family. Clock out, put your feet up, and enjoy.

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