How To Remove “Impossible” From Your Vocabulary

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Let’s be honest. There are some things that are impossible, like animals having human conversations or inanimate objects coming to life. Those are things that will just never happen.

And while there are also many things in life that are unlikely – like me ever becoming an astronaut– they are not impossible.

Learning how to overcome the obstacle of impossibility applies to everyone the same – whether you are a Marketing Specialist at a finance company in Portsmouth (like me) or an experienced business owner (like you).

Let’s use a job search as an example. Like most people on the hunt for a new job, in the beginning you probably started to feel a little discouraged when the right one didn’t immediately show up on your door step. Did you begin to think, “Great, this college degree was for nothing. I’ll never find a job. It’s impossible”?

Well, look where you are now. With some hard work and persistence – and perhaps little change in direction – it was possible.

The same thing happened to me in my first job hunt. The thing I learned along my journey is how I was one of my biggest barriers; that I was the reason something was ‘impossible.’

I know what you’re thinking… how did I overcome that barrier? I’ll tell you, but first you might want to hear how they did it:

Oprah Winfrey: Growing up in poverty and fighting adversity throughout her childhood did nothing to deter Winfrey from her dreams. Being taught by her father the importance of education, Winfrey took all the right steps – went to high school, joined clubs, became class president, and eventually earned herself a scholarship to Tennessee State University. Winfrey had a number of broadcasting jobs before earning a spot as a morning talk show host and the rest… well, you know. She has said of her experience, “I am so grateful for my years literally living in poverty because it makes the experience of creating success and building success that much more rewarding.”

What can you learn from her? She was basically down and out by age 14, but with the help of a crucial family member in her life and her willingness to keep going, she made it – big time. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and you, too, can overcome any hurdle with a little persistence.

Elon Musk: Simply put, Elon Musk doesn’t believe in impossible. So much so, that he will fire employees on the spot for telling him something isn’t possible and then proceed to take over their role and deliver results flawlessly. It’s that ambition and behavior that gives him the right to understand why things aren’t impossible. He’s said in an interview that he doesn’t intentionally set unreasonably lofty time restraints or goals, but he knows what he wants and expects it to be delivered.

What can you learn from him? While his childhood wasn’t the best in the books – having been bullied a lot throughout school – he was always well taken care of financially. His growing enthusiasm for reading, science fiction, and everything in between made him who he is today: The no-nonsense, get-it-done guy. The point is, you don’t have to be (and won’t always be) well liked when you’re trying to hit an important goal. Let your team know that you believe it’s possible and expect nothing less from them.

Steve Jobs: When Steve Jobs took over Apple in 1997, the future of the tech company was grim. Apple was suffering from poor leadership, sub-park products, and a lack of creativity and employees didn’t think Jobs could bring the company back to life. But, he didn’t let that squash his dreams. Jobs was told numerous times by different people that his dreams could never be achieved, and he always responded with, “Why not?” And though he isn’t alive to see Apple’s full potential today, his legacy is what Apple has become.

What can you learn from him? Jobs didn’t let anyone tell him that his dreams weren’t achievable. He had a vision, put a plan together to make that vision a reality, and built a team that could deliver on it. If you have a dream that you’ve been working towards, set yourself and your business on a path to get there. Take small steps, but see it through.

So now that you know how three powerful minds and leaders in the world have overcome impossible, here’s how someone like me learned to do it, too.

  1. Stop negative thoughts: Now, if you ever got to know me, you’d understand that I tend to be a Negative Nancy myself. But, it’s in those moments where I honestly believe I can do something that I actually do it – and do it well. So now it’s your turn. If you think a goal you have is impossible to achieve, it will be… for you. Try to remember the power of positive thinking. And while I’m not saying that good things will always happen (or bad things will never happen), the odds will be in your favor if you believe that you truly can do something.
  2. Don’t be afraid to switch gears: Something else about me? I am not good with change. I have a degree in journalism, so I was headstrong about getting a job in that field. But along came Marketing and changed my world – for the better. Suddenly, getting a job and starting my career didn’t seem so impossible anymore. So even if you don’t achieve your goal the way you wanted to, don’t be afraid to let life take you down another path. It doesn’t matter how you get there… just that you do.
  3. Prove to yourself that it’s not impossible: No matter what your goal is, there is always going to be a point on your achievement journey that you can stop and say, “Hey, I’m almost there. I’ve made it this far… let’s go all the way.” By hitting smaller goals along the way, you’ll realize your dream isn’t a shot in the dark anymore. It’s right there in front of you. So my advice is to start slow in order to show yourself your own success.

Pardon the cliché, but if I can remove impossible from my dictionary, you can too. Hopefully these tips will make you feel like anything is possible.

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