How to Move Your Business Without Losing Productivity

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Moving your business can come with great rewards, but those rewards certainly don’t come cheap.  Without the right planning ahead of time, moving your business to a new location could mean major losses in productivity, revenue, or worse – even packing up for good.

Here are some tips on what to do before you ever even tape up that first box:

Know what you’re looking for in a new space. Before you even consider moving, be sure to have clear reasons why you’re looking to pack up and draft a list of requirements for your new space.  Be sure to include everything that’s important to you, from the required square footage to on-street visibility.  Get it all down on paper.  Having a list of your “must haves” will prevent you from nixing anything important during the stress of looking for a space.

Keep your customers in the loop. Don’t let your customers wonder where you’ve gone.  Let your current customers know you’re planning on moving several weeks before you shut your doors.  Send out an email blast to your current database that includes all the details and consider creating a special promotion to get current and new customers to come in and check out your new digs right away. Do what we do at Direct Capital

Crunch the numbers. If you’re upgrading your office location, be sure to examine your finances so you know exactly what you can afford.  When it’s time to go hunting for locations, crunch the numbers to determine each office’s price per square foot and analyze any traffic data you can get your hands on if on-street visibility is a concern.  Be sure to think about other “hidden” costs that can affect your bottom line – moving into an old warehouse might seem cool until your heating bill is through the roof.

Be prepared. When it comes time for the actual move, minimize loss of productivity by doing as much of the moving as you can during off-hours and be sure to have internet and phone service hooked up at the new location well in advance.  Try to know exactly where furniture and products critical to your operation will go in your new space, so you’re not wasting precious time planning it out on the fly.  Trust me, a cubicle seating chart will prove to be a lifesaver.

Have you ever moved your small business location?  What are your tips?

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