How To: Motivate Your Employees

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Being a moderator of motivation in your business isn’t easy, but is completely necessary. You being able to push your employees to succeed is the driving factor that leads your staff to work harder. This can create a spark that generates more productivity in your business while contributing to employee satisfaction which helps with internal retention.

Keeping that in mind, there is no one way to motivate all your employees at once and keep them that way throughout their entire career with you. You’ll never have two of the same employee and if you want to be successful in creating motivation company-wide, you have to use multiple factors to see what works for whom. With that being said, here are motivational factors that can spark some, if not all your employees and drive them to success.

  • Create an atmosphere of rewards. Pick an employee from your staff and give them a gift card or a weekend at a resort, something inexpensive that will show they are appreciated. It may be disheartening at first to other members on your team; however you are now motivating everyone. Next time, it can be another employee’s turn to go, and since they’ll they want in, they will work all that much harder.
  • Step away from a project. If you are helping with a project and see that it is losing momentum, it might be you that is de-motivating the team. But not on purpose. The mindset of others on the project might be that you will pick up the slack and finish it yourself. At this point, it’s time to remove yourself from the equation and let the outcome of the project rely solely on your team. Since you (their boss) are no longer going to bail them out, your employees will kick it into gear and complete the project.
  • Make it fun. Mix it up for your employees. Instead of having them do the same mundane task day in and day out, add some spark to it. Have a company-catered lunch every now and again. Or, when you send your employees on a conference or business trip, make it fun. Opt out of having them rent the generic minivan, and instead let them use a Camaro. This will make the trip more enjoyable and will boost the team to build relationships.
  • Make promises you can keep. Nothing kills credibility like a promise that can’t be kept. Yes it may be an easy way to motivate people by making promises to them, but only if you mean it. If productivity is low and goals aren’t being hit, motivate your employees with a 5% bonus if she or he completes an objective. Don’t just say there is going to be an award, be specific. And make sure it’s actually a promise you can keep.
  • Give someone an opportunity for more responsibilities. A great motivator means giving management responsibility to someone on your team. It helps an employee see that a promotion may be in the cards for them in the future. This move can be radical when someone isn’t ready to accept added responsibility. If they fail, as the boss you will have to pick up the slack.

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