How to Manage Holiday Stress as a Small Business Owner

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Step One: Remember What the Holidays Are All About

In a 2012 FedEx Holiday survey, 36% of business owners agreed that the holiday season is a stressful time for the business.  42% of those surveyed said running their business during the holiday season is just as stressful as finding the perfect gift for a loved one, while 26% thought running the business was actually more stressful.

Are you feeling the same way?

Between managing employee vacations, shortened workweeks, increased inventory needs, and trying to level out your business’s holiday budget, you probably don’t have time to feel anything but overwhelmed.

Manisha Thankor on Forbes wrote that her job had previously gotten in the way of her holidays – making her forget what the season was about. She came up with a solution: “I came up with a new game plan for how to joyfully participate in the holiday season in a way that felt right to me.”

While every person has their own way of managing their stress levels, at Direct Capital we want to help.

7 Ways to Better Manage Your Holiday Stress at Work

  1. Remember What the Season is All About: Take a moment and reflect on everything you’ve been doing the past month or two. If those tasks don’t seem so holiday cheery, you need to take another moment to realize that this is the season of giving; the season of joy. If you are feeling the true holiday spirit, you will bring peace to the workplace and keep everyone’s stress levels, including your own, down to a minimum.
  2. Get Organized: ‘Tis the season of packed calendars, meetings galore, and some disorganization. When things get too piled up, it’s easy to forget you have items on your to-do list. And, when you forget, you become even more overwhelmed. Stop what you are doing right now and get yourself organized. Once you can see everything clearly laid out for you, you’ll definitely feel some relief.
  3. Spend Money on Your Business: This is not as crazy a tip as it may seem. A Constant Contact survey found that 20-40% of yearly sales for small businesses take place in November and December. That’s huge! For your business, that means more customers, more sales, more employees on the clock – and you need an easy way to keep track of it all. Invest in some new equipment or technology – like a POS System – that will help you keep up with business and keep stress levels down.
  4. Realize that it’s Okay to Say No: This time of year almost everyone will be inviting you to lunches or holiday parties, or asking you to take on additional tasks. If you simply do not have time for everything, it’s okay to turn someone down. Prioritize who you say yes to. In order to avoid the unnecessary stress of an over packed calendar, don’t take on too many new projects or attend every event.
  5. Try an Email Holiday Message This Year: The idea of sending holiday cards to your clients is great, but costly. Try something new this year and send out an email holiday message. Once you have your list generated, sending the e-cards is quick and easy!
  6. Set Mini Goals: As the year winds down, you may be looking at everything you did – or did not- accomplish. Mixed with the natural stress the holiday season brings, you don’t want to add worrying about hitting those final benchmarks. Continue to strive for them, but set smaller goals for yourself, too; ones that you and your employees can hit every day. This will make you feel significantly better about the short-term and long-term, and will hopefully set you on a good path for 2015.
  7. Give Back: It’s important to focus on more than just the business side of things. Host a holiday party, donate time or money to a local charity, or just lend a helping hand to a friend. Giving back to others – whether it be your community or your employees – is inspiring and can give you the positive energy you need to get through the holiday season stress-free.

At Direct Capital, we want you and your small business to run as smoothly as possible this holiday season. We hope these tips helped you de-stress and refocus, and enjoy the holidays a little bit more.

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