How to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Small Business

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Why Your Business, and Your Employees, Should be Active on LinkedIn

Unlike most other social channels, LinkedIn has a very specific audience – business owners, professionals, students, and people looking to start their career. However, with 300 million members, LinkedIn can be a very important marketing tool to utilize, and here’s how:

Linkedin Header

  1. Regularly update: Post about your industry or about topics your followers (or customers) would be interested in reading, and do so at least three times a day. This will keep your followers engaged and keep them coming back for more.
  2. Engagement: Join groups that are relevant to your industry and set up an RSS feed on Hootsuite from your blog to those groups. This will automate blog posts to the groups and give you greater exposure. Make sure to periodically check back and see if people are engaging with those posts (and comment back!).
  3. Have Your Employees Engage: When your employees like and share updates, those updates become visible to their contacts. This means more brand exposure for your business!
  4. Run a campaign: You can choose to sponsor posts (by clicks or impressions). This will increase exposure to your page. Direct Capital recently did so with their update on the “Top Brands of Every State” blog post, and it received 9,721 impressions, 265 clicks, and 8 interactions. And depending on the budget you set, you could receive even more.
  5. Ramp Up Your Profile: Make sure your company information is filled out entirely and you have a profile picture that your customers will recognize because otherwise your profile may not show up on LinkedIn search.
  6. Create a group based on your industry: Invite your current LinkedIn connections to your group by sending a personalized invitation. Focus on how that person would benefit from joining and what value they could bring to the group. You’ll want to discuss topics within the group that members would find relevant to them. Also, by engaging regularly outside of the group, other members might be interested in what you’re saying enough to want to check out the groups you belong to.

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