How to Make Facebook Work for Your Business

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Know When Your Customers are Online

An integral part of owning a business is knowing how to own social media. You have to be everywhere your customer’s are – and engage them so they keep coming back for more. Do you know what it takes to make social media work for your business? We do – and we want to help.

Direct Capital has created a series of blog posts to help you make the different social media platforms work for you.  Today we’re going to focus on Facebook.

Facebook Header

There are roughly 1.3 billion monthly users on Facebook, so it’s important that your social strategy* is strong. Here’s how you can always be where your customers are and easily measure up to your competition:

  1. Interaction: “Like” other businesses’ pages and link their pages back to your own if your content is relevant to them. Comment, share, engage – and always respond to comments and messages. Engage as an individual not just as a company. Tag customers in pictures, write about what happens behind the scenes – show your personality.
  2. Know your customers: Visit the Insights tab on your page and click “When Your Fans are Online.” Here you can gather data about when the majority of your fans are online and can schedule posts at that time.
  3. Post and tag your satisfied customers: You want to have a positive reputation online, so use Facebook as an outlet to show that you have one.
  4. Build your portfolio: Show past work that you’ve done. This helps to also build trust and credibility within the industry.
  5. Pay attention to your performance: On a business profile, you can monitor the total reach and engagement of each post you publish. See what types of posts attract the most engagement and base future posts on that same format.
  6. Monitor your competition and others in the industry: Look at what others are posting and get ideas as to what interests your audience. After all, they are who you’re targeting.
  7. Hold contests: Encourage Facebook users to like or share your page so they can receive a coupon or discount from your business – or, host a drawing for a product or service. Be creative – people love contests!
  8. Share what you post on your website: Have a blog? Share it! Each time a blog post publishes, send it out to your Facebook profile to get double exposure and engage viewers. And don’t forget to manually add a photo in there. Posts with photos get more exposure than ones without.
  9. Content quality matters: Before posting, ask yourself “Is this content relevant?” “Is this from a source I trust?” “Is this genuinely interesting?”

*Content derived from Thrive Hive

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