How To: Hire Motivated Employees

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Direct Capital has always been a customer-focused organization. And how do we do that? By hiring excellent people to make up our growing team.

Employees are the heart and soul of your organization. They have the power to make your business spectacular, but they also have the ability to shine a negative light on it. That’s why it’s crucial to spot the motivated, ‘get-stuff-done’ candidates right from the beginning and bring them on board.

We asked our Assistant Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Jonathan Pitts, how he gets motivated employees in our door. He said, “What gets me going are people who have actually done their prep work – and put some thought into it. Get to learn about the business, the brand and who they are speaking with.

“Try to focus on the job ad positioning and write something that’s not stagnant or boring. Make sure you are positioning your organization in a positive light where the culture is going to be inviting and the employees feel empowered.”

But what are some other ways to hire motivated employees:

  1. Ask for three work examples: Studies have shown that candidates can often think of two examples of where they took extra initiative on a project, but rarely can they think of three. Once you hear that third example, you’ll start to get a feel for where – and in what circumstances –they went the extra mile.
  2. Ask about self-improvement: It’s important to find out not only how candidates excelled at their last job, but also what they learned about themselves while doing it. This helps you, the employer, understand what drives them and what you can do to continue motivating them.
  3. Explain the job: At Direct Capital, we tailor our job descriptions to the type of people we think would be compatible with the job. We base this on what type of personality and work history we think they’ll have. In reality, it does little to explain what the actual job they will be doing is. Use the interview, or even the phone screening, to tell the candidate about the job. They already know you want a dedicated, hardworking leader on board. But what does that person have to do?
  4. Then ask for accomplishments related to that description: Once you provide a good number of performance-based descriptions, ask the candidate to list comparable accomplishments from their previous job. This will show you what motivates them to get the job done.
  5. Ask what types of tasks they like the most: Chances are they’ve held different positions throughout their career. What was their favorite? And why? Then take it one step further and ask them to briefly demonstrate how they performed each of those tasks and how they will relate to the job they are applying for.
  6. Ask about feedback they’ve received: Sometimes, even though someone might be motivated to do a certain type of job, they may not be very good at it. By asking for recognition the candidate received while performing their “favorite” tasks, you can feel confident they’ll enjoy the work they are doing while also performing at their peak.

Building a great company and brand begins with the people you choose to grow the business with. Follow these pieces of advice to help you build the best team.

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