How To Find Employees As Motivated As The Business Owner

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Direct Capital recently put out a call to business owners via this blog, LinkedIn and Twitter to share their biggest business frustration. Some of the results were surprising, others not so much, but all are very real issues that businesses face every day.

We’ll cover some of the responses during our upcoming free webinars and others we’ll discuss here to get input from you.

One item near the top of the list is finding and keeping outstanding employees.

Business owners have an obvious vested interest in their operations. They are typically willing to put in the extra hours and give the extra effort needed to be successful. After all, if the business is successful the owner realizes those results directly.  The business owner is so invested, that it may be unrealistic to think that any employee will be as motivated as the business owner. Or is it? Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to experience the employee who is as excited about the future of your business as you are. How do you find and keep those employees? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Share your vision – Having been both a business owner and an employee myself, I’ll say with confidence that while money does factor into someone’s employment decision, finding a business that’s inspiring to work for with congruent values to the employee can be just as (or more!) important. Here’s an idea to find someone inspired by your business – change up the typical interview questions and share your story.  Share what makes you passionate about your product and business.   Share how the business got started and your vision of where it is going.  Those who connect with that vision are more likely to go the extra mile – probably without being asked.
  • “A stake in the outcome” – Jack Stack wrote a book with this title that discusses how he and 12 other employees bought the company they worked. The basic premise behind the book is that employees who are working toward a common goal are likely to put forth their best effort. A solid concept that is applicable in virtually any setting.  Whether you go to the extreme that Jack discusses in the book and open up your books to employees or just share progress towards company goals with employees, you will find that people are naturally motivated when they are invested and have a clear line of sight on the end game.
  • Give up control – If you are like most business owners then you are a control freak. One of my biggest challenges as a business owner was giving up control.  But, I quickly learned that a motivated employee who is invested in the process will do a better job than I could because of their first hand perspective on the work.

What other ways do you find and keep quality employees?

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