How March Madness Can Guide your Business Plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Next to the Holidays, March Madness is one of the most wonderful times of the year. You can cheer on your #1 pick to be the national champion, or even root for the team who is seeded in the double digits. Friendships are solidified or broken for a couple weeks after April 4th, but hey it’s all fun and games.

Not only is this an event that can educate you more in regards to College basketball, but it can also help your business playbook and make your company be its own national champion.

  • Be Aware of Your #1 Seeded Competition
    In order to go all the way, you have to know your competition. Sometimes it’s even better to know more about them than your business. When it comes down to your sales team going head-to-head with your competitor’s sales team, it’s good to know what they have and what you can do better. If you are tied with pricing, make service your alley-oop. No matter what team you are competing with, it’s a challenge if you don’t know who you are facing.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.
    In the core of success, it takes more than one star player to get the work done. No matter what position you have in the office or on the court, as long as you play the hardest your abilities will allow. Just look at how we crushed last month’s obstacle. One star player can’t win the game themselves; it takes the people on the bench and the trainers to reach the ultimate goal.
  • Go Big or Go Home.
    March Madness is the biggest event in the world that relates to college basketball. No matter the team, there’s only one chance when it comes to failure, and to be the best during every opportunity. Whether it’s a new account, or prospect, there’s one opportunity to win it, or let the competition win instead.
  • Half Time is More Than Just a Breather.
    Not all things go as planned at your desk and at the paint. Being able to make adjustments during half time can drive success and a victory. This means that if your pitch isn’t working, adjust it on the fly and change your play quickly. If that fails, keep changing until you make it right.
  • Practice Makes Perfect.
    The teams that win at Houston don’t do so because they started playing that day. They make it because of the practice they’ve had months or years in advance. Your business team should never get on a call or a project without knowing what you’re going to say so you can win that call effortlessly.

In order for your month let alone your year to be a victory, your team should abide by this playbook. Your dream team has spent hours practicing, scouting the opposing team(s), and working together to make the winning plays. March Madness is only the beginning for them, and your business.