How Halloween Can Affect Your Bottom Line

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Scaring Means Caring: Find Out How

Part of managing a business is keeping your customers and employees happy. The happier they are, the more efficiently they work and the more your customers keep coming back.

So how does having happy employees contribute to your bottom line? Forbes reports that when employees feel the company they work for takes their interests seriously, they are more likely to take the company’s interests to heart. A study mentioned in that article found: “Companies that effectively appreciate employee value enjoy a return on equity and assets more than triple that experienced by firms that don’t.”

A great time of the year to do this is when a holiday rolls around, and pretty soon it will be Halloween. A little holiday fun could energize your employees and may be used as an opportunity to bring customers into your business. So how do you strike a good balance between work and play?

As Direct Capital recently threw a Halloween Party of its own, we can help you find that balance. We used the time as a team building experience as each department collectively decorated their office space and collaborated on costume choices.

In addition, there was a station where employees had to guess how many pieces of candy corn were in a jar and whoever was closest to the real amount got to donate the money raised to a charity of their choosing. This year, the winner chose the Hand to Heart Foundation!

Halloween activities at Direct Capital served as a great icebreaker for new employees and also helped encourage inter-departmental cooperation in the future. Not to mention, a boost in morale before getting back to day-to-day responsibilities. Events like these take little time to organize and – much like it did for Direct Capital – can help keep your employees happy.

How To: Celebrate Halloween at Your Business

Here are some things you can do to celebrate Halloween this year and get your customers and employees on board, too.

  1. Encourage your employees to dress up: Select winners for the best dressed group and individual, and make it a point to take pictures for your website or social media. This is fun for your employees, but also shows your customers that your business has a personality – professionally and personally.
  2. Hold a contest: Whether you draw the customers in from outside or connect with them on social media, it’s important to keep them engaged and keep your business on the top of their mind. A really great way to do this is to hold a themed contest. Do a Halloween coloring contest for kids, or a cookie decorating contest – anything that might be relevant to your business and that your customers would be interested in. Then, of course, offer up a prize that’s meaningful to you and your customers.
  3. Play games throughout the day (without being disruptive): The Marketing Team played a game called ‘forbidden words’. These were 5 words the whole team couldn’t say or they’d risk losing the game. However, these were words they use on a daily basis (a manager’s name, a computer program, etc). It was a fun way to constantly interact with colleagues without disrupting the work day.
  4. Donation station: Have employees donate money for a charitable cause – but make it fun. Formulate a contest in which your employees compete to win a donation for a charity of their choosing. This not only gets your team excited to participate, but it connects your business directly with the community.
  5. Decorate inside: Much like the costume contest, encourage different departments or people to decorate their work space and offer prizes for the winner.
  6. Decorate outside: Do you have a storefront? Get into the holiday spirit and put some spooky decorations outside. A well decorated display may entice customers to give your business a shot as they are walking by. And it’s fun – so what do you have to lose?


Now, It’s Your Turn

We’ve shared our tips and tricks for making Halloween a successful holiday for your business, and now we want to see you in action. If you’re decorating for Halloween, we want to see it. Like our Facebook page to participate in our Scaring Means Caring Halloween Contest! Submit photos of your business decorated for Hallows Eve and share the post with your Facebook friends/fans to win.

What’s the prize? Well, at Direct Capital, we love donating to local charities to show our support for the amazing work they do. And, we hope to encourage other businesses across the nation to do the same. The entry that gets the most votes by 5:30pm on Halloween Day will get to choose one of these charities for us to donate to.* The winner will be announced Monday, November 3.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Click this link:, or find the link on our Facebook page.
  3. Submit your photo, include a name and caption if you’d like.
  4. Share with your friends/fans and invite them to vote on the photo.
  5. Friends and fans are eligible to vote once per day.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

*Donation amount To Be Determined.