How Does Your Small Business Gear Up For Holidays?

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I asked this same question, in shorter form, over at our Facebook page. It’s one I feel like I could learn a lot from.

Basically, I’d like to hear how your business gears up for important holidays, holiday weekends and the weeks preceding them. It’s a question I’m leaving open-ended because I imagine there’s a lot of leeway in terms of what holidays are important to your business, or if indeed any of them are.

This is sparked by a BizEngine post on Father’s Day I wrote earlier today, in which I talked a little bit about the importance of tapping into the holidays that can be an enormous boon to your business. One of the things I always like to see more of is community feedback and a sense of what, exactly, businesses are doing out there. I hope you’ll oblige me.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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