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Guests come from far and wide to stay at your hotel. Many will be from out of state, some from another country. When they choose to stay at your hotel, you want them to have the best experience possible. But, what can help separate you from the other hotels in your area?

There is only so much you can do to improve the comfort of the beds and the ambiance of the rooms. You need something extra and we think we know what that something is: Digital concierge signage.

Digital advertising company Porter24 provides hospitality solutions in the form of touchscreen concierge screens that can give you the edge you need. Daniel Ramirez, VP of Porter24, said in Hotel Business Magazine: “There is a very big need for local businesses in the cities we’re targeting to get the word out into hotel lobbies. On the other hand, hotels have a big need to give guests a digital experience.” It’s a match made in heaven.

So how will investing in this technology help you make your hotel experience better?

  1. Digital guest services: What’s the one thing out-of-towners want to know when they come to a new city? What is there to do here? The brochures you hand out only give so much information. Being able to see the town, the attractions, the buildings, the restaurants, everything on an active, moving screen will get them even more excited to get out and explore.
  2. Interactive interface: The technology Porter24 puts out allows guests to take a selfie (right from the screen) and share it on social media. What better way to share that they’re starting their vacation than with a picture right from the hotel upon arrival?
  3. Weather and flight tracking: Instead of guests having to take their phones out or log online, they can see if they’re flight is on time from the hotel lobby. Plus, having a weather report right there before they step out for the day will help them prepare for what to wear or bring with them.
  4. Custom content: The cloud-based systems gives hotels the freedom to customize the content as they see fit, based on their guests needs and wants. In addition, Ramirez said, “Our CMS tracks everything on the backend, so we see how many touches are engaged, who’s touching what and where they’re touching.” This allows hotel owners and advertisers to see what’s working and what customers want most.
  5. Areaspecific activity report: Depending on what the most popular activities are in your region, this technology can customize reports. In one of the trials Porter24 is doing in San Diego, they provide a live surf report. This way, anyone interesting in hitting the water that day will know exactly what to expect.
  6. Sports updates: We’re sure you’ve had clients that had to travel during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. This technology allows for customization of the dashboard to show sports scores for major teams across the country. All it takes is a quick glimpse for your guests to feel like they’re part of the action.
  7. Media center: Many of the consoles are going to be rolled out with a “media center” where guests can stop and charge their phones. Ramirez told Hotel Business Magazine, “We saw there’s a need for guests to charge phones all of the time.”

If you are looking to invest in this technology, Porter24 plans to roll out between 150 and 200 of the digital concierge signage to hotels over the next year. Be on the look out!

And, when you are ready to implement this signage or any other technology in your hotels, give Direct Capital a call at 603-766-9326. We’re here to make your equipment purchases as easy as possible!

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