Happy Labor Day To Every Small Business And Employee

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Labor Day has come and gone, but you shouldn’t let the holiday pass without thanking your employees.

After all, most of us spend Labor Day at cookouts, at the beach or simply melting into a couch. For my part, I traveled to New Hampshire’s White Mountains for the weekend, which ended with a drive through the mountain passes in a blinding rainstorm. Fun times. But that’s not what the holiday is all about.

Labor Day is meant to honor workers. It’s easy to forget, in our efforts to present united fronts and clever brands for our companies, that it is employees who make everything possible. Chances are you have a lot of people working for you who are bright, humble and helpful, and they deserve the recognition. A day off is always nice, but the spirit of the day is more about the labor than the charcoal briquettes and steaks.

So let the holiday linger today, if just a little bit. Thank your workers for their contributions and recognize their work. It’s not just an employee appreciation gambit, it’s also a way to ensure your employees are happy and working hard.

And if you’re a worker bee, maybe appreciate yourself a little bit more today. Treat yourself to a nice sandwich or, if your company allows it, a cold beer.

How did you spend the Labor Day holiday?

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