Happy Days In An August 30 Franchise News Roundup

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Social Responsibility For Franchises

I’m in a good mood this morning, so this is an unusually cheerful roundup. Hope that works for all of you.

So we start with social responsibility today. With so many worries on their collective plates, it’s inspiring to see franchisees pushing back from the table and making real strides in the battle against hunger in their local communities. For example, Comfort Keepers has been fighting in New Jersey to punch hunger right in the nose, which involves the community, legitimately helps and raises its profile.

Sometimes these franchisees have major backing from franchisors, sometimes they don’t. But either way, it’s impressive to see them taking the initiative and making a difference in the community. All our businesses could learn from that.

CEOS Hiring Nice People

There’s an argument to be made for hiring team players who get along well with others, and then teaching them the necessary skills from there.

That argument was made recently by Andy Lansing, the CEO of Levy Restaurants. To him, nice people are eminently hirable people, and indeed desirable employees. If that flies in the face of conventional thinking about cutthroat employees…well, Levy doesn’t think that particularly holds water. Nasty people may work ruthlessly and relentlessly, but what good is that if they’re terrible with employees and customers alike?

I love this part of the article:

If you sit down with me, no matter how senior you are in the company or the position you’re applying for, my first question to you is going to be, are you nice? And the reactions are priceless. There’s usually a long pause, like they’re waiting for me to smile or they’re waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say, “You’re being punked.” Because who asks that question? And then I say, “No, seriously, are you nice?”

The entire interview is worth a read…so give it a read!

Touchdown, Financing!

If you haven’t kept up on our series of football and financing mash-ups, you’re due to. Check out the last in the series here and work your way backwards, particularly if you’re a restaurant or bar in need of finance. This will be right up your alley.

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