Happy Days For Small Biz In Your August 4 News Roundup

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Once a week, BizEngine will deliver a roundup of small business news and advice from around the nation.

Small Businesses Relax, Live A Little

We’ve talked before about how small business owners evince considerable reluctance to take vacations, even during slower summer months. Flexible hours are looked upon as a sort of dark art.

Not so, says the Office Depot Small Business Index, which found that a very narrow minority of small businesses actually are taking vacations this summer. Some 48 percent of those businesses polled say they’ll take one, while some 64 percent have flexible working hours during the summer.

I wish a larger number of businesses would actually take a vacation, as I’ve expounded upon in the past. But it is good to see that quite a few are choosing to do so. Vacations allow you to relax and come back refreshed, which leads to increased productivity. I’ve never seen a downside.

Borrowing Hits A Three-Year High

The furor over a potential double dip recession is, as usual, obscuring reality. Surprise, surprise.

Paynet recently conducted a survey that found some of the most encouraging news I’ve heard in literally years: That small business borrowing is up a whopping 25 percent, to its highest level in three years. Even small business hiring is on its way up. This is absolutely huge news.

It also points out the absurdity of the doom and gloom crowd. We need to be realistic about the possibility of a double dip, yes, and it’s worth discussing. But to pretend nothing is improving, after months of improvements which have added up slowly to create a very real growth spurt in the economy, is to ignore reality entirely. For small businesses, at least, the forecast is showing some sun.

With the borrowing climate improving, maybe it’s time for you to check out financing?

The Scourge of Flash Robs

BizEngine has a useful report on “flash robs,” which are like the more whimsical flash mobs in that they involve large numbers of people and unlike them because they involve theft and mischief. Read the post to get up to speed.

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