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Small Business Gas Equipment Financing
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I’m not saying a gas stations are a lucrative business proposition, but gas prices are close to $4 a gallon. It’s not exactly a stretch to say you’ll be making a little more money than usual right now at your particular gas station.

If you need new pumps, canopies or even underground tanks for your gas station, or you’re just getting started and need them all, equipment financing from Direct Capital can make all the difference. It’s not easy to get that kind of equipment, after all, but it’s an essential piece of your business. You can’t afford to skimp.

What will financing do for you? As I see it, there are three primary advantages.

The Three Advantages of Financing

  • You can buy a lot without breaking the bank. If you’re just starting out, you’re not planning on getting your pumps piecemeal, are you? Financing will allow you to cut down the immediate cost of the new equipment and get everything at once. Thank you, payment schedule!
  • Equipment financing companies have seen a lot over the years. If you turn to a knowledgeable one, they can hook you up with the right kind of financing and help you find a equipment vendor who will be a nice fit for you. That’s expertise and money you can use.
  • As long as you’re not utilizing a bank, the turnaround from request to approval is pretty short. This means you can get your financing, get your equipment, get it in the ground start getting $3.87 gas to the masses as soon as possible. While we hate to condone those gas prices…well, again. It’s good for business, and you shouldn’t lack for cash flow as the owner of a station.

So get some financing flowing and get the equipment you need to get started. Are you considering it?


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  1. We are installing digital LED screens on top of gas pumps. Each unit cost $3200. We will be starting with over 750 units.

    We would like leasing options.

    Thank you, Robert

    Robert Gordon

  2. Robert,

    One of our finance managers just attempted to contact you at the e-mail you used to post this comment, and it came back undeliverable. What’s the best way to reach you to discuss leasing options?

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