Gas Prices Are Filling Up Small Business Anxiety

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If your business involves travel or delivery services, you’ve got to be watching your local gas stations like a gazelle warily eyes a lion.

Due to a variety of factors—the unrest in the Middle East certainly is near the top of the list—gas prices have climbed over $3 a gallon in recent weeks and have shown no signs of slowing. Near our Direct Capital offices here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, you can find gas prices that range from $3.20 to $3.45, and it gets higher as you head into nearby Maine.

That’s a headache for those who have short commutes and spend the workday at their desks, to say nothing of businesses for whom travel is a vital piece of their day. If you deliver flowers, for example, your delivery drivers are going to rack up much bigger gas bills than they would have even a month ago.

In Atlanta, Georgia, some businesses are grappling with prices but insist they don’t want to pass the added cost on to customers who are still reluctant to spend big in the death throes of the U.S. economic recession:

“We charge for delivery now, but we won’t consider raising the prices, at all. We don’t want to lose any customers,” said Juan Burson of Nancy’s Pizza.

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