Free Webinar: An Insider’s Look At Your Business And Personal Credit

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Direct Capital is offering a series of free educational webinars designed to help the small business owner succeed in today’s economy.

The next webinar, An Insider’s Look at Your Business and Personal Credit, will provide insight on what the story of your credit is really telling and help you understand your credit like never before.

The impact of credit is more profound today then possibly ever before. Banks, suppliers, mortgage companies, employers and other credit-based providers have significantly tightened the qualifications they are seeking from potential customers.

Your credit affects your ability to:

  • access loans and capital for your business;
  • secure a new job, apartment or house;
  • negotiate cost savings on many types of products, including health insurance;
  • secure net terms with suppliers; and
  • so much more

Ironically, few business owners are ever given a clear understanding behind their credit and what really drives the decision making process of the providers. We’re here to help. Join this free webinar that will help you “get it” when it comes to your credit!

Date: August 18th

Time: 1pm – 2pm EDT

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