Franchises On The Menu For Economic Growth In The U.S.

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I wanted to turn the lights off on the Direct Capital Blog for the weekend on a positive note, so this bit of franchise analysis seems like a great way to say goodbye to April Fool’s day.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, franchise businesses are under the microscope as experts examine ways to stimulate job growth across the United States. A lack of credit flow is proving to be an impediment to many franchises getting off the ground or expanding, but there are plenty of jobs in the sector if it can just keep growing.

One example from our friends in Georgia:

The structured, scalable franchise model allows small-business entrepreneurs — the key to job creation in this country — to grow jobs at an accelerated rate. For example, Decatur-based franchisee Aziz Hashim started with 15 employees in 1996. This year, he will employ nearly 1,500 people across several franchise brands. Hashim creates more than 30 jobs every time he opens a Popeyes restaurant. His employees include accounting, real estate and IT professionals in addition to restaurant floor staff.

With that, I bid you all great weekends. See you bright and early Monday, and feel free to weigh in on this news.


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