Franchise News And Notes For December 7

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Our weekly franchise news roundup. Check it out, and don’t forget to take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor today.

Franchise Financing Still Hard To Come By

We’ve nearly wrapped up 2011, but one truth has remained constant throughout this grand, glorious, screwed-up year: It’s hard to get franchise financing. has the latest report from the front, using as an example Five Guys. The booming burger and fry joint—great burgers, if you haven’t tried them—is selling locations like hotcakes across the United States. I’m hoping for a location in my town before the end of 2012.

There’s a but, of course. What the story finds is that demand for new franchises is growing, which is great news. The financing has not kept pace, though, and franchisees who eagerly rush into the vacuum in their community may find themselves without a way to stay afloat:

“Some people are not doing enough initial research as to what’s the right opportunity,” he says. “What are you really going to get out of what you’re going to spend?”

I agree that franchisees should do research. It’s something that’s vitally important when you’re embarking on a business that could last you the rest of your life. But the simple fact is that banks, financial institutions and lenders of all stripes have got to get wise to the very real demand for franchise financing. If it’s possible to get more money to those who are trying to play a part in kick-starting the American economy, you go for it.

What say you?

Subway Says Happy Holidays, Everyone

Franchises—particularly restaurant franchises—are extraordinarily popular during this time of year. Credit that to the hordes of shoppers hitting the malls and shops of America, where it’s never far to a quick meal at Burger King or a Pizza Hut.

Given that reality, franchises should jump to embrace customer dollars by offering deals. Subway is taking that to heart, offering their extremely popular meatball and cold cut half-subs for $2 a pop. That matches Taco Bell, which has long had a $2 meal deal, and would basically allow shoppers to get a full sub for $4 if they were so inclined.

In a sandwich market they already dominate, this ought to give Subway a huge December. Other franchises would be wise to learn from its example.

Don’t Be A Turkey This Fourth Quarter

Last week, we took a look at the very successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. Enjoy a look back.

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