Four Great Restaurant Inventory Apps

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Hey restaurant owners, hope all is well. Now that Thanksgiving is over, you might have some time to relax. But, as you may know, in your area of business a slow day can turn into a rush quickly. The buzz of your customers in the dining area is evident.

You can really lose yourself in that moment and take time to think about the present. Are your ingredients freshly stocked? Of course they are! What about cleaning supplies or napkins? It’s those moments where you find yourself rushing around to make sure everything is in place that you could probably use some help.

And that’s okay because Direct Capital has you covered. Here are five great inventory apps for your restaurant that can help keep you on track:

1. Lettuce

This app, used on iOS, can not only integrate inventory management, but it also allows access to payment processing, shipping and tracking, sales analysis, and management of your customer relationships. Lettuce helps conquer the need to make entries in separate applications, and is accessible on your desktop or laptop from a cloud-based web app.

Cost: $59 a month for one registered user, and $25 per additional user.

2.  Good Order Inventory

Good Order Inventory is designed to help manage inventory, sales, and orders on any mobile device. Currently, it doesn’t integrate with other software and services, but that data can be exported and potentially be viewed in a spreadsheet. This app is available on iPhone, Android devices, and BlackBerry.

Cost: Free, with a pro version with extra features on the way. 

3. Canvas

Canvas provides a set of tools for data collection forms that are accessible on smartphones or tablets that support data collection, such as inventory. This includes chemical inventory and damage and loss reporting. Canvas is available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Cost: $20 a month or $210 a year for unlimited usage after a 30-day free trial.

4. Inventory Tracker

This app, which is solely for Android, let’s your business track inventory, sales, payments and shipments, and even data for your balance sheet.

Cost: Inventory Tracker is $5.99 

Do you already use some of these apps? Let us know how they’re working for you by tweeting us (@DirectCapital) and the provider of the app! If there are any other apps you prefer, let us know!

If you use any inventory tracking apps and see you are running low, we can provide the funds to replenish it. Click the banner below to replenish your inventory and get the competitive edge for 2016!

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