Fitness Equipment Leasing: How it Will Help Your Gym Get and Stay Ahead this New Year

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Start the New Year Off Tech-Savvy Fitness Equipment

The New Year is best known for the ball dropping in New York City, sipping champagne at midnight, and New Year’s Resolutions. While the ball and the champagne last only seconds, the resolution is something that stays alive throughout the year – or at least it should.

According to Statistic Brain and, the number 1 most popular resolution is to lose weight. Statistic Brain also reports that only about 8% of people are successful in keeping their resolutions.

As an owner or manager of a fitness facility, wouldn’t it be nice to play an active role in helping your customers keep their resolution of losing weight, staying fit, and feeling healthy? Believe it or not – you can help them. A gym with state-of-the-art equipment, TVs, weights, a spa room, or any other additional features can help hold an interest in working out and get your customers to keep coming back.

2014 was a big year for the fitness industry, mainly because of the rise in smart, interactive technology. Users can transform their workout by riding through nature on a stationary bike or sparring off with a virtual boxing partner. There are even machines that let users race others depending on the speed and distance they go when exercising.

This type of innovation is what excites users and makes them work even harder, so if your fitness club doesn’t have these technologies, you might be one step behind. writes, “Fitness club owners typically want quantity and quality in gym equipment, because when people go to a gym, they want the fitness center to have everything they need for their workout.”

However, after the recent holiday you might be wondering where this extra cash will come from to purchase the new inventory you need. But, don’t worry. When you lease your fitness equipment, you don’t have to wonder, as you won’t need cash up front.

Equipment financing is an easy way to purchase new or used equipment for your business. At Direct Capital, we have a number of different financing options to get you the package that best fits your needs. To learn more about our financing process, visit our website!

Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing

Having the option of leasing equipment, instead of purchasing it outright, provides you and your business with significant benefits.

  1. Easily upgrade to new equipment: In every industry, equipment is always getting better, more high-tech. In the fitness industry specifically, new exercise techniques are constantly being developed or practiced, so you want to make sure you can keep up. Leasing equipment gives you the opportunity get what you need fast, instead of waiting to sell older machinery and purchase it brand new.
  2. It’s affordable: Besides not having a hefty payment up front, leasing equipment also initially costs less money than if you were to purchase it. In addition, many suppliers will provide replacements even if the equipment malfunctions.
  3. Tax deductible: Now is the time to start really thinking about how you can lower your taxes for 2014 – and leasing equipment can help. While we always suggest you speak to a finance adviser or attorney, in most cases you can deduct equipment you lease on your taxes. Equipment is considered an overhead expense – not an asset – and doesn’t have to be claimed on tax returns.
  4. Stay competitive: The ability to upgrade equipment on the fly gives you a clear competitive advantage. If your fitness facility has the latest in technology, equipment, and class options, customers will regularly be stopping in.

The holidays might be over, but the New Year is just about to begin. Help your customers start it off right and your business will be reaping the benefits, too.



  1. Great Post Alex.This gonna help fitness club owners to offer quality and increase the client base.Every fitness club owner must upgrade the machines from time to time with the launch of newer technologies.

  2. Thank you, I really do hope it helps! Knowing how to keep their customers happy and their club ahead of the competition is super important, so I hope the tips in this article give them a little bit of a leg up!

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