Finish Q4 Strong With A Working Capital Loan

How working capital loans help small business
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The future is only bright if the present is.

As one of the nation’s leading small business lenders, Direct Capital has seen first-hand how many companies have struggled through the economic quagmire they found themselves in during recent years. To ensure that your small business is going to continue to wow your customers down the line, it’s necessary to make sure you’re as financially sound as you can be.

That’s why we would recommend that you explore a working capital loan* as you make you way through the fourth quarter. As we’ve mentioned in the past, a working capital loan can be used for almost any need your business has. We could scroll through the whole list right now, but we would be old and gray by the time it finished. Suffice to say there are hundreds of uses.

That’s what makes it the perfect Q4 loan. You can tee up a working capital loan to help you with your 2012 taxes. You can grab one to make the huge holiday marketing push that will help you roll into 2013 swinging. Or you can use it to bridge the cash gap that might arise after a year of aggressive expansion and growth.

The point is, as you balance your books and wrap up what we hope is another successful year, you want to ensure you finish 2012 strong. A working capital loan can help you do that without compromising your long-term financial security. Period.

For one example of how working capital loans can be great for expansion comes to us from Rocky Mountain Wreckers, a Direct Capital customer who has used multiple loans in recent years. According to owner Rick Crane, the company’s expansion throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah, area was helped by the marketing efforts they undertook with the help of those loans.

No matter which lender you decide to check out as the fourth quarter winds down, we encourage you to look into working capital. It just may be the boost you need to make a splash.

Tomorrow, we’ve got a video example of a working capital loan that worked well for one small business customer of Direct Capital. Be sure to tune in!

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT