How Financing Can Help With A Reorganization Or Move

Business re-org
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Every now and then, you need to shake things up at your small business. Maybe you need to better align your team. Maybe you need to streamline operations. Maybe you need to shuffle departments to different parts of the building.

Whatever your reasoning, a reorganization or a complete move is an excellent time to purchase or lease new equipment, update your office and upgrade your computer systems. The best way to do that is to finance those items.

At Direct Capital, we have financed every kind of business need imaginable, so we’re no stranger to a reorganization. We’ve undergone more than a few here to keep the workplace environment fun and fresh. Every change is accompanied by moving walls and offices, at minimum.

If you have reorganization needs, here’s a couple of ways financing can help:

  • If you don’t have the cash reserves necessary to purchase the new desk chairs or computers you need when you move your office around and potentially bring aboard new employees, financing can ensure you have easy access. Equipment leasing is a great way to get your hands on everything you need without parting with your cash upfront.
  • A working capital loan* can cover almost any cost you can think of associated with  re-organization, from a fresh coat of paint to software upgrades. If you’re moving to a new building and want to make your customers aware, you can use a working capital loan for a marketing campaign.

Do you have a reorganization or move in your near future?

Direct Capital is a leading provider of equipment leasing and working capital loans. To learn more, click here.

*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT