Benefits of Financing: One Partner’s Success Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mike Jones, founder and CEO of, is no stranger to making the most of a difficult situation. In 2006, he used the economic downturn as the solid foundation on which to build his business, and has since grown by leaps and bounds.

His relationship with Direct Capital is just as strong. It began early in his business when he needed to find lenders who could work with his specific needs, and Direct Capital was one of the few who could satisfy them.

“Financing was a big deal because we’re brokers, we’re not a dealer. A lot of the good finance companies out there consider that to be a problem; they won’t pay us because of the way my business model is set up. I either needed financing or some satisfactory workaround, and Direct Capital was able to accommodate that.”

With Direct Capital’s help, Jones was able to provide his customers with financing solutions that benefitted all parties involved. With transaction sizes averaging around $25,000, it was evident that customers might need alternate sources of capital. Direct Capital’s access to payment plans and working capital fulfilled these needs, and Jones’ business boomed.

“Offering financing opened my business up to customers who could not afford to pay cash. Now, I can sell equipment to them when they need it. Financing has been a huge help.”

But Jones values Direct Capital for more than their products.

“As a business owner, what we’re looking for is someone who is reliable and gets deals done quickly and professionally. I wanted good customer service, which I found in [Direct Capital], and someone who could handle a decent volume. Direct Capital is fast, professional, and courteous, and has a good success rate of getting [deals] done. To find a large company like Direct Capital that’s willing to work with us and understands and can handle our needs – it’s just a godsend, really.”

Direct Capital has long prided itself on providing viable financial solutions at competitive rates, all backed by an exemplary team. As Jones highlighted, the financing team is what sets Direct Capital apart from the competition and makes working with businesses like so mutually beneficial. is a full-service marketing and sales organization specializing in marketing & connecting customers with a wide array of construction equipment, trucks, trailers, and farm equipment. They have an active blog available at